I wish I was somewhere else.

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- #iwishiwould :: I wish to move to New Orleans before I die.
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I would get my hole
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I had food and money for Christmas
- #iwishiwould :: I wish My parents woudn't waste money on beer and cigarettes so we can have food
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I had food
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I wish the next chapter of the crossover fan fiction Sonic-ki will come out tomorrow.
- #iwishiwould :: I wish you phone me
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- @jan_marie14 :: My number one fantasy this year.... #IWish #IndictHillary #HillaryForPrison2016 https://t.co/saBjx2115a
- @alex_kotits :: RT @alyssaezequiel: @alex_kotits @SexualGif #iwish 🙂
- @alyssaezequiel :: @alex_kotits @SexualGif #iwish 🙂
- @starkeyjoe1 :: @LWebb21 what about the Baltimore bullets? #iwish