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- #iwishiwould :: I wish I would move
- #iwishiwould :: I wish an E.L.E would destroy this miserable planet
- #iwishiwould :: I wish we had enough money for food.
- #iwishiwould :: I wish my wife was healthy.
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I would love like I'm not scared
- #iwishiwould :: I wish to move to New Orleans before I die.
- #iwishiwould :: I wish I would get my hole
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- @c4arl0tt398 :: Perfect car 😍 @FordMustang #iwish #mydreamcar http://t.co/45JoF8TvS7 😍😍😍😍💋💋
- @Amani_aka_meno :: Hi My name is Amani and I hate your 😌 #iwish #ifLifeIsEasy
- @angie01dude :: @darkinformer now that would be my dream job #IWish
- @mimimillsy :: Waking up this morning to @gstevensmoore telling me kylie looks like me 😂😂😩🙌🏻😍 #Iwish #bae http://t.co/N1Fli8zupG