I wish I would could bring happiness to everyone in the world

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- I wish you were older
- I wish I had money...
- I wish Diletta Leotta phone me for sex!
- I wish
- I wish I would have whishes
- I wish diletta leotta
- I wish you were...
- I wish you were...diletta leotta
- I wish diletta leotta
- I wish you were...

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- @oPellerin :: @fabricevil Il est plus délicat à mettre en oeuvre, ce 1er avril 2020! #Iwish #joke
- @Br0ski47 :: Coronavirus is cancelled. It was all a joke. No one died. #AprilFoolsDay #iwish
- @Purecas :: @suffernandes Parece me bem! já deve estar tudo bastante mais calmo e fico com a mesma idade mais tempo eh eh eh #iwish
- @CMamathi :: They say close to death, we regret roads not taken Especially the one big one None of us know if these are our last… https://t.co/5Cb2dZdnN5
- @disney2u :: April Fools!!! This has all been a horrible joke & it’s still the most wonderful time of the year! 🎄🎅🏻🎄 #IWish… https://t.co/MNVOND8e6b
- @jeteveux25 :: Covid19 is #AprilFoolsDay #iwish