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- I wish My parents woudn't waste money on beer and cigarettes so we can have food
- I wish I had food
- I wish I wish the next chapter of the crossover fan fiction Sonic-ki will come out tomorrow.
- I wish you phone me
- I wish a new ISPConfig setup!
- I wish u were closer
- I wish you were older
- I wish I had money...
- I wish Diletta Leotta phone me for sex!
- I wish

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- @KerriArsenault :: #iwish "I need your name to transfer $5.5 million US Dollars in Unclaimed Deposit. The money has been in floating a… https://t.co/RixxMToALs
- @LoveLeigh53 :: My 4 year old told me I go to the gym to eat... I wish kid. #workouttoeat #iwish
- @LeeannmGsi :: Best chance of getting a job chasing country music ... Start now and move to another country 🤣 #Iwish… https://t.co/dKDg9FsPIf
- @Mstandish318 :: I had a dream I got my old bike back. It's clearly a sign I need a new one. #Goals #biking #iwish #dream
- @TessaStockton :: “Author’s motto: In a culture where everybody’s tweeting about themselves, it’s a storyteller’s duty to remain as s… https://t.co/x7S8on5tyQ
- @sip7315p :: (~^◇^)<やなふなや辻加護みたく相方に何かあったら徹底的に慰めて励まして上げて。そして心配してくれるみんなに愛され誰より君を愛して🐼🧞‍♂️ #やなふな #辻加護 #IWISH #ちょいワル天使